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Professor Des Gibson

PhD in Thin Film Optics from Queen's University Belfast. Has over thirty years industrial and academic experience in sensors and thin film technologies. Link to PURE, LinkedIn Profile or ORCID.     

Dr David Hutson

PhD in Physics and Applied Physics from the University of Strathclyde. Over 12 years in industrial R&D for thin film devices. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

Dr Ashwini Konanahalli

PhD in Construction Project Management from Queen's University Belfast. Research interests in Built Asset Management, Building Information Modelling, Nano Second Procurement and Bid Data Analytics. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

Dr Mojbata Mirzaeian

PhD in Chemical Engineering. Expertise in nanoporous carbon materials and thin film electrodes. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

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circcroppedShigeng Song ShenZhen.JPG

Dr Shigeng Song

PhD in Physics from Shanghai Institute of Metallurgy, Chinese Academy of Science. Expert in thin film physics and applications, particularly in; process, characterisation, modelling and device design. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

Dr Carlos Garcia Nunez_H78A5533 copy.jpg

Dr Carlos Garcia Nuñez

PhD in Advanced Materials and Nanotechnology from Applied Physics Department at Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (Spain). Twelve years of experience in synthesising nanomaterials and fabricating electronic and optoelectronic devices. Link to PURE, LinkedIn Profile or ORCID.

Dr Parag Vichare

PhD in Manufacturing Engineering from the University of Bath. Has 10 years of manufacturing research. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.


Dr Callum McHugh

PhD in Chemistry from the University of Strathclyde. Research theme in predictive optimisation of optical and charge transport properties in the solid state that can facilitate control of function in conjugated organic materials. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.


Dr Luc Rolland

PhD in Electrochemistry from the University of The West of Scotland. Expertise in the synthesis of carbon nanomaterials for electrochemical energy storage applications. Prior to joining as a lecturer, Qaisar worked as a postdoctoral research associate (PDRA) at the Department of Physics at Durham University followed by PDRA at the Research Institute of Science and Engineering (RISE) in University of Sharjah. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

PhD in Computer Sciences from the Henri Poincare University Nancy (France). Research theme in Robotics, Mechatronics and Controls. Link to PURE or LinkedIn Profile.

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