Post-Doctoral Research Fellows


Dr Ammara Ejaz

Ammara Ejaz gained her PhD in Electroanalytical Chemistry from Chonnam National University (CNU), South Korea (Sep 2014 – Feb 2019). Dr. Ejaz’s PhD dissertation was primarily focused on an insightful in-situ study about the growth kinetics of nanoparticles from the individual influence of pyrrolic, pyridinic, graphitic–N, and solvents. Besides, she thoroughly studied the structure-reactivity correlation of nanoparticles-based catalysts for the Fuel cell, Electrochemical, and Biosensors.

She was a Research Professor at the Department of Chemical Engineering (Sep 2018 – Sep 2019), CNU, and later went on joining as a Research Assistant in the School of Engineering, the University of Glasgow to work on pre/post functionalization of electrospun fibers with nanoparticles by exploiting covalent, electrostatic, and π - π stacking interactions for food quality monitoring by embedding colorimetric sensors on the packaging. Link to LinkedIn profile.