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MSc - Advanced Thin Film Technologies

The Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging provides the opportunity to study towards either a Master of Science, through the MSc in Advanced Thin Films, or towards a Doctor of Philosophy degree. The MSc programme begins with a taught component that leads into a research project, where in 2017/2018 three peer-reviewed articles were published.

ITFSI MSc in Advanced Thin Film Technologies 2017/2018 cohort.

ITFSI provides a MSc course in Advanced Thin Film Technologies, starting with taught modules that eventually leads into a unique research project. In 2017/2018, masters student projects had produced 3 peer-reviewed articles:

“Simulation and Optimization of Film Thickness Uniformity in Physical Vapor Deposition”, Ben Wang, Xiuhua Fu, Shigeng Song, Hin On Chu, Des Gibson, Cheng Li, Yongjing Shi and Zhentao Wu, Coatings 2018, 8(8),  325 (16thSept 2018);


“Automated control of plasma ion assisted electron beam deposited TiO2 optical thin films”,Bing Hui , Xiuhua Fu,  Des Gibson, David Child , Shigeng Song, Lewis Fleming, Guntis Rutins, Hin on Chu, Caspar Clark, Stuart Reid,Coatings 2018, 8(8), 272 (3rd August 2018);


“Investigation of TiO2 Thin Film Deposited by Microwave Plasma Assisted Sputtering and Its Application in 3D Glasses”, Qi Hao, Xiuhua Fu, Shigeng Song, Des Gibson, Cheng Li, Hin On Chu, Yongjing Shi , Coatings 2018, 8(8), 270 (1st August 2018);

More information regarding the MSc course can be found here.

For more information, please contact either Professor Des Gibson ( or Dr Shigeng Song (


As part of a physics department in a Scottish university, PhD students will be granted access to the Scottish Universities Physics Alliance (SUPA). This enables access to high-quality core physics and transferrable skills courses. ITFSI has a strong background in optical thin films and deposition methods. These facilities enable projects with wide range of potential experiments. For more information, please contact Professor Des Gibson (

Current Open PhD opportunities

  • CENSIS funded PhD project entitled: Glancing angle deposition of ZnO nanostructured thin films for enhanced ultrasonic sensing and imaging applications.

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