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MSc Advanced Thin Film Technologies class visit Gas Sensing Solutions

Updated: Mar 20, 2020

Leading Scottish gas sensor manufacturer, Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS), recently hosted a visit by the MSc Advanced Thin Film Technologies class at their manufacturing facility in West of Scotland Science Park, Glasgow. Dr David Lusk, manager of the facility and an alumnus of the University of the West of Scotland (UWS) and the Institute of Thin Films, Sensors and Imaging (ITFSI), provided a highly informative and enjoyable tour. The class were shown GSS’ molecular beam epitaxy (MBE) systems.

MBE systems are highly specialised thin film growth systems, used in the manufacture of mid-infrared light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and gas sensor systems, employed across a wide range of application areas including healthcare and CO2 monitoring.

GSS collaborates with a consortium of UWS together with the Universities of Glasgow and University of Strathclyde on research activities including development of crystalline mirror coatings for use in gravitational wave detectors such as LIGO. In addition to the MBE systems, the class were also able to view the operation of hazardous gas handling systems, vacuum apparatus, phosphorus recovery systems and advanced material characterisation equipment – all concepts discussed in the MSc program – in a real-world industrial context.

A very valuable visit all-round – thanks to GSS for hosting!

Molecular Beam Epitaxial Reactors facility at Kelvin Campus, West of Scotland Science Park.

2019-20 MSc Advanced Thin Film Technologies class pictured outside facility with Prof. Des Gibson (ITFSI and UWS) and Dr David Lusk (manager of GSS’ MBE facility).

Dr Ross Birney (ITFSI and UWS), Mrs. Guo, Zhurui and Dr David Lusk (GSS) touring the MBE facilities.


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