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Prof. Des Gibson will present our latest research on Thin Films Deposition Systems

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

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This presentation describes recent developments in design and deployment of plasma sources for plasma ion assisted electron beam and sputter deposition of thin films. Benefits of plasma ion assisted deposition are highlighted and influence on film microstructure described. Optimum plasma ion conditions, primarily ion energies and ion current densities for deposition of thin films are discussed. The common theme amongst the different types of plasma sources is that mobile electrons are given sufficient energy to ionise heavier gas atoms such as argon and/or oxygen. The method by which electrons are energised is a convenient way to categorise plasma and ion sources and will be described during the presentation. Use of DC, RF and microwave plasmas for deposition of optical and engineering thin films are described, particularly low temperature deposition processes for thin film deposition onto temperature sensitive substrate materials.


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